September 2020

Spindle Shuttle Needle in Clubbed Thumb's 2020 Summerworks

A play about a group of women stuck in a tiny house as an endless war wages on outside feels especially timely now. I couldn't be more excited/grateful to work with Tamilla Woodard and Clubbed Thumb on this piece. Because of Covid-19, this production has been rescheduled from May to September. Fingers crossed, y'all

March 1- April 12, 2020

Are You There? at Humana Festival

I am so delighted to be collaborating with Vivian Barnes and Johnathan Norton to write a bunch of short pieces on the many strange ways we communicate through technology- from old school party line telephones to the non-verbal cacophony of online chat. Robert Barry Flemming directs Actors Theatre Professional Training Company in this heartfelt, fast-paced mash-up with the generous dramaturgy of Jenni Page White. Come to Louisville this spring and see it with me! 

EDIT: Humana is canceled with the rest of spring-summer theatre :( However ATL is streaming the archival copy of ARE YOU THERE? April 6-20. Tickets and info here 

May 2019

Jeune Terre Workshop at Coastal Carolina University

I'll be at CCU in May working with director Alice Reagan on a new, lightly apocalyptic Act II of JEUNE TERRE with Coastal Carolina students.   

April 17-20, 2019

Next Year People at Fusebox

After many concentrated residencies involving cheese plates and wine and repeatedly slapping each other NEXT YEAR PEOPLE opens at Fusebox Festival in Austin this April. Get your free tickets to see Katie Bender, Rachel Mars, and I perform abridged versions of ourselves on an imagined abandoned island for art, under the excellent direction of Caitlin Sullivan.  

January 14-15, 2019

Jeune Terre in The Playwrights' Center Ruth Easton Series

Composer Avi Amon and I head to Minneapolis this January to songify JEUNE TERRE with some twin city musical theatre peeps as part of The Playwrights' Center Ruth Easton New Plays Series.

What's a musical?  I'm not sure. But JEUNE TERRE has glittery pop-inspired songs about climate change and historical mis-memory and singing songs in the Minneapolis winter should be a bunch of fun. 

December 2-8, 2018

Spindle Shuttle Needle workshop

The INCREDIBLE Tamilla Woodard directs Tina Benko, Orietta Crispino, Will Dagger, Crystal Finn, Layla Khosh and Socorro Santiago in this first outing of a play about a bunch of women that haven't had an outing in a while. 

May 10 - June 17, 2018

Flood City at Theater Alliance

Theater Alliance opens FLOOD CITY at The Anacostia Playhouse in DC this month. I really dig this company. I Really dig this talented cast. And I Really, Really dig director Jenna Duncan. Come check it out if you're in DC. There's tickets available for any wallet size, and lots of objects from the 1890s suspended in the air. 

April 21 & 22, 2018

Next Year People workshop in Fusebox Festival

Fusebox Festival presents a workshop performance of NEXT YEAR PEOPLE this April, where Katie Bender, Rachel Mars, and I will try and fail at utopia building, tea drinking, robot dancing, and so much more. It'll be the first time I've performed in something in over a decade so I'm terrified. But also excited because these two women are the best, we have about 200 ft of circus rope, the soundscape talents of Peter Stopschinski and a few even better surprises. Workshop tickets are sold out but show up and we'll squeeze you in. 

March 1-3, 2018

Jeune Terre at New Plays at Barnard & EST's First Light

JEUNE TERRE, about a small coastal community in South Louisiana on the edge of rising seas, opens at Barnard this March as part of New Plays at Barnard. Directed by Alice Reagan, with a totally delightful cast, cadre of whip-smart designers, and music by composer Avi Amon. JEUNE TERRE is a co-commission between Barnard New Plays and EST's Sloan Project, which supports new plays about science. Barnard's production is a satellite event of EST's annual First Light festival. Get tickets here!


Clubbed Thumb Biennial Commission

I'm Elated to jump into SPINDLE, SHUTTLE, NEEDLE through Clubbed Thumb's Biennial Commission this year. Inspired by Churchill's dark brand of feminism, the weirder Grimms fairy tales, and the murky geo-political shifting of the Napoleonic Wars, it looks at four women on the edge of an endless siege, and the machinations and mutations they use to survive. 

January 13-14, 2018

Storm Still at Drama League Directorfest

Bonnie Gabel directs an abridged version of this silly three-woman KING LEAR adaptation with a totally stellar cast. Two days only! Get yer tickets here. 

October-December, 2017

Fall workshops of Flood City, Jeune Terre & Next Year People

Fall sees workshops in DC, NYC and Minneapolis for new plays that open to the public this spring.

In October I spent a week in the room with Jenna Duncan, some really lovely actors, and the smart folks at Theatre Alliance, where FLOOD CITY gets a second production this May.

In early November, a pack of Barnard students spent their fall break combing through new pages of JEUNE TERRE (formerly PATTERN SEEKING ANIMALS) which debuts through the New Plays Barnard program in March.  

And next week Bender / Mars / Reisman meet back up in Minneapolis for another intense NEXT YEAR PEOPLE development session (with some less intense Scandi holiday ish) under the amazing wings of The Playwrights Center

September 8-24, 2017

Storm Still at The Vortex

The VORTEX Rep, Austin presents the premiere of STORM STILL- a three woman adaptation of KING LEAR about paternal death and ridiculous/cathartic games of pretend. Rudy Ramirez directs a completely stellar cast of ladies. If you're in Austin in September do not miss this play. It's funny and fast and outside and at some point everyone takes shots.  

June 19, 2017

The Panama Limited reading with Page 73

Dustin Wills directs a reading of this strange/fun/queer train play about desire, addiction, and escape routes. Featuring the fabulous talents of Colin Bates, Emma Ramos, Stacey Raymond, and Sathya Sridharan, and the fantastic support of Page 73

May 10-20, 2017

Pattern Seeking Animals at Ingram New Works Festival

After eight months of shifting focus, recasting characters, throwing out acts, and learning and learning more about the science and politics of coastal erosion, a first draft of PATTERN SEEKING ANIMALS will be read twice in Nashville Rep's Ingram New Works Festival. A huge thanks to Ingram, and all the actors involved for the time to sort through this project. I can't wait to see how the play evolves from here. 

April 2017

Next Year People workshop at The Playwrights' Center

Katie Bender, Rachel Mars, and I are cooking up a new play about finding pleasure in times of impending destruction. Also tap dancing, crumbling personal empires, and imagined family histories. The first stop in its development journey will be through a  generous Core Writer residency at The Playwrights' Center in Minneapolis. 


Interstate 73 (act II)

I love Page 73. I am so delighted to get to hang out with some truly lovely folks this year in I-73 while working on PATTERN SEEKING ANIMALS and a brand new musical? (As well as NEXT YEAR PARTY, and long overdue pilot about a child nation state in the early 90s.) 

November 9-13, 2016

Storm Still at Tulane University

Spending some rehearsals with the AMAZING Jes Podewell as she directs the hell out of STORM, STILL with a trio of talented undergrad actors.  Seeing a director/educator as fiercely talented as Jes has made me remember all the things I love about directors, and why theatre education is important, especially in these dark and shitty times. Tickets here.  

October 2016-May 2017

Pattern Seeking Animals EST/Sloan comission

Ensemble Studio Theatre partners with The Sloan Foundation to fund new plays about sexy scientists doing real science and grappling with complicated moral quandaries. EST is supporting a whole cadre of playwrights I dig this year. PATTERN SEEKING ANIMALS looks at patternicity, and how it effects coastal restoration. Also pirates. And post-truth. And how we decide what is important when pulling from a constellation of myth. 

Oct 2016-May 2017

Ingram New Works Project at Nashville Rep

I'll be hoofing it to Nashville on the regular this season to work on Pattern Seeking Animals in their Ingram New Works Lab. Pattern Seeking Animals is an EST/Sloan Project commission about the science and politics entrenched in Louisiana's vanishing coast. Also about patternicity, and a Jewish pirate, and men who dress up like pirates for the Jean Lafitte Dinner Cruise in Cozumel.  

September 1-17, 2016

Flood City premieres with The NOLA Project

The NOLA Project opens their 12th season with a bold premiere of FLOOD CITY this month at NOCCA in New Orleans. I'm so glad to get to be around for the process and see the show get up on its big, weird feet. "What's all this?" you ask. Here's an informational video. 

July 2016-2019

Core Writer at The Playwright Center

I am beyond thrilled to be joining The Playwright Center as a Core Writer. Core Writers receive three years of smart development support from PWC, and keep some great complany in the process. This coming year, I'll be working on the still-in-its-infancy PATTERN SEAKING ANIMALS, as well as a brand new collaboration with Katie Bender and Rachel Mars. 

June 29 & 30, 2016

ALICE IN WONDERLAND sharing with New Victory LabWorks

After a three month run at ZACH Theatre, Austin, Underbelly will partner with the New Victory LabWorks program to stage a site specific workshop of this journey-play for a new location: the ins and outs of The Duke on 42nd St.  

June 2, 2016

CATCH THE WALL at the Great Plains Theatre Conference

CATCH THE WALL will receive a reading as part of the 2016 Great Plains Theatre Conference's MainStage series. Michael French directs a lovely bunch of folks for this one-off reading in Omaha. 

APRIL 14-20, 2016

Clubbed Thumb/Playwrights Horizons SuperLab of FLOOD CITY

Clubbed Thumb and Playwrights Horizons will  develop FLOOD CITY in a SuperLab this April. The always wonderful Will Davis directs.  

March 5-May 15, 2016

ALICE IN WONDERLAND premieres at ZACH Theatre

With a miriad of locations and a rotating cast of 21, Underbelly's new Journey play takes over ZACH's campus, for a few hours each day, for most of this coming spring. Join Alice as she sings a punk rock anthem, wanders through a land of strange-familiar characters, and generally tries to make sense of this rabbit hole of like. This play has been a delight to work on, even with all its many moving parts. Get yer tickets here. 

December 8-18, 2015

ALICE IN WONDERLAND workshop with New Victory LabWorks

Underbelly will be partnering with Playwrights Horizons Theatre School to workshop ALICE IN WONDERLAND as part of New Victory's LabWorks program. As we prepare the show for opening in Austin in March, we couldn't be more jazzed to develop the script with these partners in NYC. Look for an ALICE showing at LabWorks in early June! 

September 11-19

STORM, STILL at Brooklyn Yard

I'm so thrilled to be launching STORM, STILL- a fast and loose, three-person adaptation of KING LEAR- as Brooklyn Yard's initial workshop offering. In my own backyard in Bushwick. The cast is wonderfully talented, and tickets are limited. Get them here.  

August 12-21

Underbelly residency at New Victory LabWorks

Underbelly will be in residence at The New Victory Theater on 42nd St. as part of The New Victory's LabWorks program to write a surf rock inspired adaptation of ALICE IN WONDERLAND for The ZACH Theatre in Austin.  

July 2015

CATCH THE WALL at the Sundance Theatre Lab

CATCH THE WALL will receive a three week workshop as part of the 2015 Sundance Theatre Lab. I couldn't be more thrilled to work with this amazing cast and dramatugical team.

June 5-7

The Orchard Project presents CHURCH OF THE PASSIONATE CAT

Underbelly is bringing CHURCH OF THE PASSIONATE CAT to the incredible Universal Preservation Hall in Saratoga Springs for The Orchard Project's first ever Orchard Project Presents series. 

We're pretty thrilled to get to throw this wild journey-play up in a new space with the help of the OP Core Company and some fabulous actors from Austin. 


Interstate 73

I'm so jazzed to join Page 73's 2015 writers group with six other incrediblely talented folks! First up: working on a new play, FLOOD CITY, about the 1889 Johnstown Flood, disaster recovery, and what what to do with our post-industrial hands.   

Jan 22- Feb 5

MacDowell Winter Residency

I'll be snow-shoeing around The MacDowell Colony for a few weeks this winter to work on ST. BRIAN OF PERPETUAL LIGHT. 

Jan 15 at EST


Colette Robert will direct a fantastic cast and a brand new draft as part of EST's Memberfest series. 

Fall 2014

Bookshop Workshop

I'll be writing ST. BRIAN OF PERPETUAL LIGHT this fall in the company of some lovely writers and actors in Bookshop Workshop's bi-weekly writers group. 

August 18-24

STORM, STILL in Page 73's Summer Residency

STORM, STILL received an awesome week-long development residency as part of Page 73's Summer Residency at Yale. Portia Krieger directed Celeste Arias, Sarah Nina Hayon, and Kate Benson, who did a wonderful job putting on lots of hats and scarves in quick succession and pretending to be old men. 

June 2014

I Interview Playwrights Part 670

I am so beyond honored to be the 670th interviewee on Adam Syzmkowicz's infamous blog. 

June 2014

CATCH THE WALL on The Kilroy's List

Thanks to some fabulous recommenders, CATCH THE WALL made the The Kilroys innaugural List of the 46 most recommended, yet un/underproduced plays by women this year. Good job Kilroys for pushing this #parityraid forward. Check out the complete list of nominees for some of my favorite women playwrights and friends. 

June 16-21

Underbelly at The Orchard Project

Underbelly will be in residence at The Orchard Project mid June to work on our newest play about silence, the text we produce to record glance and gesture, and some other unknowable things. Also maybe Alice in Wonderland, some swimming, and deep company contemplation. 

May 21-23 at The Lark

NNPN/Lark convening

THE PANAMA LIMITED will have a Roundtable reading along with three other new plays by NNPN Playwrights in Residence Tom Horan and Milta Ortiz, as well as Lark resident writer Kimber Lee. 

May 8-18 at the Off Center


Underbelly (the amazing collective I make plays with that includes Abe Koogler, Katie Bender, and Stephanie Busing) will premiere its next piece, CHURCH OF THE PASSIONATE CAT at the Off Center in Austin May 8-18!

CHURCH OF THE PASSIONATE CAT is a co-production with the Rude Mechs. Check the Rude's site in April for tickets.

Feb 19 at The Lark

STORM, STILL. reading

STORM, STILL. (a 3 women adaptation of KING LEAR) will have a Roundtable reading at The Lark this week. In a backyard, at a bar-b-que, the Lear sisters play out a fast and loose family history for each other.

Jan 11 at The Shadowbox Theatre


THE PANAMA LIMITED will have a workshop sharing as part of Southern Rep's New Play Bacchanal! Full of queers and parrots, shaped like a moving train. Directed by Will Davis.

2013-14 in New Orleans

NNPN Playwright in Residence at Southern Rep

I’m so delighted to be joining Southern Rep in New Orleans this year as a 2013/14 National New Play Network Playwright in Residence.

I’ll be organizing Southern Rep’s New Play Bacchanal, gathering readers for 2014 Ruby Prize, working on a crazy new project with Will Davis, getting to hang out with fellow NNPN PiR Tom Horan, and so much more greatness!

Check out the press release here.

June 2013

Teaching Fellow at Kenyon Playwrights Conference

I’ll be in Ohio this June as a teaching fellow at the inaugural Kenyon Playwrights Conference.

There’ll be folks from the Atlantic, Steppenwolf, and Hampstead Theatre. As well as some fellow teaching fellows- Chad Eschman and Victor I. Cazeres.

April 19-27, 2013 at UT Austin


A talking goose from my childhood, an epic breakup, lots of thunder, and hogs, and time shifts, and sinister, ceramic kitten figurines. My last play at UT. Four shows only. Directed by the lovely Jess Hutchinson as part of UT's New Theatre festival

"Seduced by a pair of ceramic figurines, Quinn wrestles with abandoning her husband, her young children, and their lonely life on an Iowa hog confinement farm. Ten years later her now grown children — with the counsel of an aging pet goose — must choose between selling off their father’s business, and tracking down the ghosts of their mother’s desires."

March 25-29, 2013 at UT Austin


SLIP RIVER, a collaborative piece co-created with Katie Bender and Abe Koogler, opens March 25 as part of The Cohen New Works Festival at The University of Texas at Austin. There will be dancing, singing, eating of corn muffins, the climbing up and down of narrow staircases. The play runs about 35 action-packed minutes. Two shows daily till March 29.

"A confluence of Huck Finn narrative and pop music idolatry, SLIP RIVER follows a runaway orphan on his quest for freedom in a mythical land of milk, honey, and Beyonce. Incorporating dream-like soundscapes and installation, interactive dance and text, SLIP RIVER travels audiences through the underbelly of UT’s Payne Theater, where peril– or possibility– are just around the river’s bend."


Mar 14-24, 2013 at Dillard University


The NOLA Project will produce a full on, knock-your-socks-off showcase production of CATCH THE WALL at Dillard University in New Orleans.

Y’all I am so pleased and and so proud of this show. So much good work has been going on for so long on this play, it’s gonna be totally diamond.

Nov 13, 2012 at The University of Iowa


70 SECRETS OF MARMALADE KITTENS will receive a developmental reading at The University of Iowa as part of the inaugural UT/IU Playwright’s Exchange program.

July 17-28, 2012

Visiting Playwright at the O'Neill

I'll be a Visiting Playwright at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre Center’s National Playwrights Conference for a week in July to work on my new play, 70 SECRETS OF MARMALADE KITTENS, about a slowly dissolving family on an Iowa pig farm. Some beach bumming and lobster roll eating may also occur. 

June 21-22, 2012 at the CAC


The Contemporary Arts Center New Orleans will present a workshop sharing of CATCH THE WALL on June 21 and 22. On June 22 it will be broadcast live on #NEWPLAY TV, an international web TV channel for new works theatre, at 7:30 CST. The workshop is free and open to the public and is co-production of The NOLA Project and the CAC. This  sharing will examine how dance and video interact in the play. It will also serve as a sounding board for the script itself as we collect audience feedback both in the room and online through the #NEWPLAY hashtag.

Apr 2012

CATCH THE WALL wins Rosa Parks Award

CATCH THE WALL has won the Kennedy Center American College Theatre Festival‘s Rosa Parks Award, to be given at KCACTF’s national festival in April. The award comes with a development residency in the summer of 2012.

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