On Utopia

Sometimes you make a play because there are things inside you that feel like they're ripping their way out, or things outside you that feel like they're ripping the world apart. And sometimes you make a play because both things are true but all you wanna do about it drink wine and go swimming and watch Killing Eve with your friends.

Katie Bender, Rachel Mars, and I have been kicking around this play-as-utopia idea since mid 2016. By late 2016, the idea of utopia had gained significantly more urgency. We began getting together every six months or so to make nice meals and spend a week in the rehearsal room. This month, the piece went up on its feet at Fusebox. After nearly three years of working and fighting and failing and also a lot of laughing and really delicious food, it was so gratifying to have something coalesce, and to feel a hug of smart support around the thing.

Toni Morrison said all utopias are designed by the people who aren't there. That is very true. But it's also true that utopias are also made of the relationships of those who are there, and every relationship takes tending to. And a realization that we can never really control everything, even on an imaginary island.

Mason Rosenthal has a Passover-themed interview about the process here.

NEXT YEAR PEOPLE has it's own site now and is ready to tour to your hamlet or sea village in 2020 and beyond.

#utopia #NextYearPeople

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