Austin Exchange at Brooklyn Yard

It's HOT in Brooklyn right now. Like Austin-in-summer hot. So maybe it makes sense that I've spent the past few weeks prepping a living room in Bed Stuy for these two power house shows out of Texas. This means a lot of moving fans around, changing out AC units, setting up a makeshift bar in the backyard.

Hannah Kenah and Jenny Larson's Guest by Courtesy is something I've wanted to show everyone I know since I saw it somewhere back in 2010. These cousins are fucking hilarious and fierce and also quite sweaty, usually by the end of all their grappling.

Folks have been telling me to see Diana Small's Mad and a Goat since like 2013. It's sharp as fuck, deals with capitalism and inheritance and babies and we all get biscuits which I'm always a fan of.

My composer friend Avi and his roommates have been a rid such gracious hosts as we hang curtains and set up 20 chairs every night in their house. Thanks Alison Luntz for the pics.


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