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cast of 10

The waters are rising around Jeune Terre, Louisiana, and the land is slipping away. As scientists and state administrators bargain over the town's future, a theatre troupe arrives to tell an old story in a new way, just in time for a quickly approaching storm. This inventive new play with songs explores what it means to live on the edge of invisibility in a time of atmospheric change.


cast of 7

In Johnstown, PA in 1889, The Great Flood has destroyed a bustling steel town, and left a motley crew of survivors and surveyors to clean up and rebuild. Meanwhile, at a bar in Johnstown a century later, newly-unemployed steel workers wax metaphoric about past lives and future ambitions. A dark-hopeful comedy about American disasters, entrepreneurship, and how we wait for what’s next.


cast of 3

While cleaning out their father's house, three estranged sisters perform a fast and loose reenactment of KING LEAR: part eulogy, part drinking game, part child's game of pretend.


cast of 4

Two would-be lovers try to figure out a better way to carry out their affair. Two wanna be gutter punks travel to a far southern city in search of a fabled community. A train-shaped story on desire, transportation, and escape routes. 


cast of 8

When champion bounce MC, Benefit, dies unexpectedly, 6th graders Cleo and Justice set out to make a dance video so that their mentor’s memory can live on. But when Benefit’s ghost begins haunting the halls of their charter school, the girls must push back against their teacher’s expectations and the dangers of their neighborhood, and find a story they can claim as their own.



cast of 6

Ceramic figurines from her childhood are tempting Quin Crowder with promises of escape from her life on an Iowa hog farm. Ten years later, the figurines have returned and her now-grown children must weigh the search for their vanished mother against selling the family business from under their father's nose.