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Sometimes you make a play because there are things inside you that feel like they're ripping their way out, or things outside you that feel like they're ripping the world apart. And sometimes you make a play because both things are true but all you wanna do about it dr...


After a disastrous workshop showing a few years ago I've begun building these alters to Dionysus the night before every public presentation of my work.  

The alters are a way to give it up to what will be, a recognition that I'm no longer in control, and a pra...


Bender / Mars / Reisman spent another week in the warm embrace of The Playwright's Center working on NEXT YEAR PEOPLE.

We asked ourselves some questions.

We wrote a lot of nice things we don't know quite what to do with.

We ate some delicious cheeses. 

Also, latkes...


It's HOT in Brooklyn right now. Like Austin-in-summer hot. So maybe it makes sense that I've spent the past few weeks prepping a living room in Bed Stuy for these two power house shows out of Texas. This means a lot of moving fans around, changing out AC units, setting...


Underbelly folks have been in shuttling between the Playwright Horizons School and Time Square all week as we rework ALICE IN WONDERLAND for an immersive adventure inside.  

Besides teaching these badass PHTS folks some new moves there's been a lot of re-blocking a...


This month, I went out onto the marshes of Bay Batiste with two smart lady scientists to watch them as they did field work. Lots of soil samples were taken, lots of wading around through tall marsh grasses and mud. 

Perhaps this will be the start of some new play,...


One great thing about Sundance (besides the waterfall views and the zip line and the cadre of talented theatre folks) is the entire resort is decorated with pictures of Robert Redford. Or Bob, as every friendly Mormon here calls him.

There's Bob looking sexy...


This summer I turned the other half of my house into a BnB deal. It now can hold its own against my half, which I rent out as well.


This last renovation got me really into making Bollywood and circus-themed pop art- recycling strange thrift store canvases and collaging...


Right as I get ready to dive back into CATCH THE WALL for some major rewrites, The NOLA Project published this piece I wrote as part of their summer education series. Check out the entire series for some smart thoughts by some of the city's top theatre artists on arts...


This was written for a November 2013 celebration of Mr. Chew's life, and incredible work as head of the drama program at Urbana High school. Greg Chew was a gifted and generous artist. He will be missed.


Mr. Chew,

You are a harbor:

Providing a space for young people who...

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